The Irreversible Development Tendency of Coal Briquette Plant


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Pełna treść ogłoszenia The Irreversible Development Tendency of Coal Briquette Plant

The coal briquette plant is used for making coal fines/ash, charcoal fines, coal slime, white coal, anthracite into briquettes. These briquettes can be designed of rounded shape, oval shape, square shape, egg shape, pillow shape with different size etc. The coal briquette plant is widely used in coal mine. The final briquettes can be used in boiler, gas producer, civil heating etc. Our coal briquette machines are with ISO9001:2008 & CE certificate, reliable performance with the most competitive price.

Coal Briquette Plant

Coal Briquette Plant

Coal briquetting is one of the oldest applications of the forming process by agglomeration. At the beginning, the piston presses were used to produce coal bricks of about 0.5 to 10 kg made of coal fines that were mixed with binders such as pitch, bitumen or tar. These presses had reduced capacities (1000 bricks per hour maximum). The development of the double roll press has taken place during the second half of the 19th century because it offered higher production capacities under acceptable economic conditions : Europe was mainly concerned by this development, in particular France, Germany and Belgium : thanks to this technique, the annual production has reached up to 10 million tonnes of briquettes. The bio coal briquette plants carry out the standard way of producing the pollution free and higher density fuel from the surplus. Hence, the biomass briquetting process is also considered as one of the efficient method of bio waste management. Without adding binders, this process continues and without releasing the noise and smoke to the air, this eco-friendly device generates the bio coal briquettes. The end product bio coal briquettes made by coal briquette plant are used in the different industries and delivered as a fuel for electricity and power generating plants, homes and other energy applications.

Humans in daily life use the variety of forms of biomass for the household power needs as well as cooking and heating. But using this biomass in their basic form result in to the pollution and more waste. So, the coal briquette plant has been available for the conversion of the biomass for the greater and cleaner energy fuel generation. These coal briquette plants offer the machine that make use of the bio waste and convert them in to a valuable compact fuel briquettes.

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